Our ingredients are at the heart of what we do. We believe that the world of consumer products should be made entirely from plants, not petrol-chemicals or animals.

Actually, we are currently developing processes for the products we produce to become carbon negative, through the use of plants and biology. We aspire to keep nature in mind, not only with our ingredients, but also in the way we create our products. Thank you for joining us on this journey to a healthier planet.


Our breakthrough ingredient that hydrates and strengthens the skin’s natural moisture barrier


Sustainably deprived from Brazilian sugarcane, it locks in deep moisture and reduces inflammation.

Sunflower Oil

Non-greasy nourishment for the skin barrier that protects against the elements.

We actually discovered our key (some call it “magic”) ingredient, Mevalonolactone, because nature uses it as the base molecule of 50,000 other molecules. Just so happens that it’s excellent at retaining moisture in skin.

Meet Mevalonolactone

As nature’s moisturizer, Mevalonolactone is clinically proven to increase hydration and improve your skin’s barrier. Usually it’s only used in high-end cosmetics, but we believe good ingredients should be accessible to all and that all hands deserve hydration.

Essential skin and body care powered by plants.