Devoted to the Circular Economy

We are a team of biologists, engineers, and scientists developing and commercializing novel bio-based technologies. Through the help of our partners, we aim to commercialize our unique solutions for the betterment of the industry and the planet. Our expertise in strain engineering, downstream processing and commercialization of bio-based technologies puts us  a unique position to bring our novel technology to the chemical industry.

Using a variety of sustainable raw materials, including waste biomass and CO2, we synthesize bio-based chemicals for both specialty and high-end applications ranging from personal care to high performance polymers.

Visolis’ technology combines new-age synthetic biology and traditional chemical catalysis. From drop-in commodity chemicals, to innovative specialty chemical offerings, our platform has the versatility to produce materials for multiple end markets and industries.


What We Do

Carbon Negative Materials

At Visolis, our systematic approach integrates innovations in biology, chemical catalysis, and process scale-up to enable new bio-based manufacturing platforms. Our unique bio-based approach enables us to achieve truly carbon negative products.

About our founder

Deepak Dugar, while at MIT earned both a Ph.D. in chemical engineering and an M.B.A simultaneously. This unique combination allows him to lead the development of products to displace our reliance on petrochemicals, while also allowing him to develop the business strategically. His unwavering commitment to fundamentally changing the way products are made, and creating carbon negative solutions provide us with the impetus to deliver solutions that we believe will change the world for good.