Biology-Enabled Manufacturing

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At Visolis, we use biology to manufacture high-performance materials. Our systems-level approach integrates innovations in biology, chemical catalysis, and process scale-up to enable new bio-based manufacturing platforms. Our unique bio-based approach will enable us to achieve truly carbon-negative products for the future.

Our Innovation

Visolis’ technology combines  innovations in biology and chemical catalysis to produce a portfolio of plant-based molecules with a variety of potential applications. From drop-in commodity materials to innovative specialty offerings, our platform has the versatility to produce materials for multiple end uses ranging from pharmaceuticals to packaging materials.

Our Technology Partners

Visolis has solidified strategic partnerships around the globe in order to bring our innovative bio-based technologies to the market.

Why Hand Sanitizer?

During the rise of COVID-19, we wanted to give back to the communities who were working hard to serve us. We donated our gloves, masks and protective gear and based on feedback from our friends in healthcare, devised a hydrating hand sanitizer that doctors, nurses and essential workers could use as often as they needed to without drying out their hands and exposing themselves to more risk.

After receiving positive feedback on the product and getting many requests, we decided to make our Hydrating Hand Sanitizer available to the broader community.

Visolis' first consumer product is a premium hand sanitizer that is pH-balanced, has long-term skincare benefits and has only six ingredients, all of which are plant-based and carefully vetted by our scientists for maximum efficacy.

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