How Visolis Hydrating Hand Sanitizer Helps Healthcare Heroes


As the Chief Nursing Executive of four California Pacific Medical Centers, Tina has used her fair share of hand sanitizers. Recently, due to heightened concerns around COVID, she applies hand sanitizer anywhere between 15 to 30 times a day. As a result, her hands were becoming increasingly dry and irritated, causing painfully chapped skin that also put her at a higher risk of contracting illnesses from any bacteria and viruses she touched.


When her hospital received a donation of Visolis Hydrating Hand Sanitizer, she was initially skeptical. Plenty of sanitizers claim moisturizing properties due to added ingredients like aloe and essential oils, but all of them had still been too drying for her.

Tina tried Visolis Hydrating Hand Sanitizer for herself, and once felt the gel-like texture sink into her skin with no residue or alcoholic sting, she was sold. “It’s a lot better than the others and I don’t get the same drying sensation that I get from using this hand sanitizer multiple times a day like I did before. We’ve tried so many different brand and types but this one is my favorite.”

When introducing the Visolis Hydrating Hand Sanitizer to her colleagues she tells them that Visolis “is a highly effective hand sanitizer that works like a sanitizer and feels like a lotion.” Since using it, her skin integrity has noticeably improved. Her skin is intact and no longer irritated so that it can do its job in protecting her from pathogens and she can do hers in caring for those in need.

"[The Visolis Hydrating Hand Sanitizer] is a highly effective hand sanitizer that works like a sanitizer and feels like a lotion."

Visolis Hydrating Hand Sanitizer is formulated with 72% alcohol to kill 99.9% germs and cosmetic-grade ingredients to hydrate and protect your hands.

Visolis' Hydrating Hand Sanitizer  is a one-of-a-kind plant-based formulation that helps fight germs while improving skin hydration and health. The key ingredient of our hand sanitizer is mevalonolactone, a clinically proven ingredient derived from plants and used in high-end cosmetics to increase skin hydration and improve its moisture barrier. Learn more here.

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